My homemade tomato sauce

One of my great loves is Italian food.  As a result, many of my cooking experiments revolve around perfecting some of my favorite Italian dishes.  One thing that I have learned is that the tomato sauce is key. Through the help of friends and the powers of Google, I have come up with an amazing recipe that I think is a real keeper.  It’s incredibly flavorful and has a delicious sweetness from fresh basil (a critical ingredient, I have learned). Best of all, it can transform even the most mediocre chicken parmesan into something truly delicious.

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Why create this blog?

Whenever I experiment with a new recipe, I am always excited to share it with others…to share in the deliciousness of new flavors, the disappointment of a total flop, or the excitement of a new creation.  By creating this blog, I hope to share some of my adventures in cooking, as well as various other things I find interesting.  An added benefit is that this will help me remember the various (mis?)adventures I have had in cooking through the years.  Hope you enjoy!