Almendrados (almond cookies)

Almendrados may be my new favorite cookies. They are flour-less almond cookies and oh man are they good! I had never heard of them until recently when I discovered them while searching for new Christmas cookies to make, but I figured I would like them since I love pretty much anything that is almond-flavored.

I actually didn’t make this batch, but will write about them anyway since I ate quite a few :) Almendrados have a delicious almond flavor and are fairly chewy, which makes them pretty unique compared to most cookies I’ve ever eaten. They would be great if you are looking for gluten-free cookies, since they still taste a lot like regular cookies. According to the recipe I found, almendrados are from a region in Spain with very little wheat, but lots of almond trees.  Pretty interesting!

Here’s the recipe we used. If you like almonds, I would highly recommend that you try them.  From what I hear, they aren’t very hard to make! The recipe calls for whole blanched almonds and I couldn’t find any in the store, so I bought almond slivers that had been blanched, and that seemed to work fine.


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