A little quiz

One thing that I have enjoyed about food blogging so far is that I am learning to spell a lot of new words. I consider myself to be a good speller, so I have been surprised by the number of words that have posed a spelling challenge. Putting aside obvious difficult words that I’ve used on this blog, like Htipiti and Almendrados, do you know how to spell the following words?  I am throwing in a few easier ones because I think that will make the quiz a little bit trickier overall.

Which of the following is correct for each question?  Whatever you do, do not look up the answers before you guess!

1.  A. balsamic  B. balsalmic  C. basalmic

2.  A. rasberry  B.  razberry  C. raspberry

3.  A. mascarpone  B. marscapone  C. marscarpone

4.  A. worcheshire B. worcesteshire C. worcestershire

5.  A. carmelizing  B. caramelizing  C. caremalizing

6.  A. parmesan  B. parmesean C. parmeasan


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